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Stress, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders...

Most patients with chronic inflammatory, immunological or digestive disorders, ultimately end up suffering issues relating to fatigue, anxiety, depression, and poor stress coping abilities. The process behind this is quite simple.


Chronic Inflammation leads to strain in the Immune System

Chronic Immune System leads to strain on the Adrenal Gland and Neurotransmitter Systems

Chronic Strain on the Adrenal Gland & Neurotransmitter System leads to Adrenal & Neurotransmitter deficiencies and imbalances.


Adrenal Gland Insufficiency and Adrenal Burnout lead to the following symptoms


Fatigue and Exhaustion                                  Overwhelmed Easily, Over reactive

Anxiety and Panic Disorders                          Salt, Sugar and Caffeine Cravings

Sleep Disorders, Insomnia                              Mid Afternoon Energy Crash, Lack of Endurance

Irritability, Over Sensitivity                              Depression and Mood Disorders

Metabolic and Hormonal Imbalance               Muscle Weakness and Fatigue

Exaggerated Pain Responses                         Blood Pressure (Low or High)



To successfully treat and manage Depression and Anxiety disorders, you have to identify the underlying cause of the chemical imbalances. These can environmental (Dietary, Environmental Exposures, Psychological Stressors, etc.)  Conventional medicine attempts to manage these conditions by simply replacing or modulating the affected chemical through medications. If you don’t identify and remove the underlying cause of the chemical imbalance, then you will most likely be dependent on the medication to feel better. Also, if the underlying cause of the condition isn’t addressed, the process that lead to the chemical imbalance will continue and ultimately the medication will become less and less effective. Long term successfulmanagement of the condition requires an “identify the root cause” approach.


1.     Identify the Cause of the Imbalance (Dietary, Inflammatory, infectious, Environmental, Psychological, etc.)

2.     Diagnose the correct Chemical / Hormonal imbalances and deficiencies

3.     Repair, Re-build and Restore proper functioning in those Chemical and Hormonal Systems


A Google search for Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Burnout will offer some more in depth information on this topic. Extreme caution must be taken in beginning treatment for these conditions, as many of the generic recommendations you will find online, can be dangerous when taken with common medications used to treat these disorders. Speak with someone familiar with these interactions before beginning any treatment protocols.


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