November 2, 2018

A recent CBC Marketplace article and investigation has shed a negative light on IgG food sensitivity testing. It proposes that nutritional IgG antibodies are "not related to the immune system" and do not play a role in various health concerns. There are many logical and common sense "holes" in the arguments suggested in this article. This post will shed some light on some of the most obvious errors and misinformation.

The role...

The terms food allergies, food intolerance and food sensitivity are thrown around synonymously in dietary discussions these days, without much understanding of what they actually mean and the differences between them. Understanding these differences can play a critical part in the success of elimination diets for your health concerns.

A food intolerance, is when the digestive system is unable to digest a food properly, which...

The Paleo Diet?   The Alkaline Diet?   The Blood Type Diet?
The Food Combining Diet?   The Candida Diet?  The Ketogenic Diet?

The answer is  quite simple… the ideal anti-inflammatory diet for you is… completely unique to you and you alone. This may seem a vague and frustrating answer to hear at first, but I will explain to you in simple terms what this means and how you can “unlock” and find your idea...

February 27, 2016

There is a well established and researched connection between autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammation and the increased risk for development of certain cancers. Inflammatory bowel diseases (crohn's, colitis, diverticular disease, etc.) increase the risk for development of colorectal and  GI related cancers. Psoriasis and chronic inflammatory skin disorders increase one's risk for squamous and basal cell carcinomas in the s...

Every health issue or concern is like a puzzle.  Any one symptom or condition we may have, can obviously be affected by many different factors. Until we identify all these factors and come up with a plan to address ALL of them, we likely won't have much success in improving our condition. This is a fairly easy concept to understand. Unfortunately, conventional (and often complementary) medicine often doesn't attempt to treat o...

Treat the cause of your condition,  not just the symptoms of it. Seems like a  logical concept doesn't it. If you identify and treat the cause of your condition, the symptoms of it should go away. Unfortunately, conventional medicine (and often natural medicine) doesn't usually take this approach with treatment and management of long term chronic health issues.


If you have a headache every day. You go to your physician an...

October 27, 2015

Imagine you want to water the flowers in your garden to help them grow. You grab a bucket from the garage and head to the tap to fill it up. You discover a large hole in the bottom of the bucket. What happens when you try and fill up the bucket to go and water your flowers?
This obscure little analogy can be used to describe how most patients’ long term illnesses, conditions and symptoms are managed and treated by their heal...

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