When Dieting Doesn't Work...


It’s the New Year, and once again you’ve committed to living a healthier lifestyle. You are going to eat healthier, renew your membership to the Gym and this time… you ARE going to be able to drop those pounds you’ve been battling with for years and years. A couple months goes by and you’ve been eating like a rabbit and exercising like crazy. You step on the scale and your are shocked by the lack of progress you’ve made for the effort you have put in. Does this sound familiar?

There are hundreds diet and lifestyle programs out there for weight loss and each has their own unique set of pitfalls. There are far too many to address in this article. There is one major pitfall that is consistent with each and every one of these programs however; they are designed and created to appeal to everyone who buys the program, and NOT to the individual who buys the program. What do I mean by this?

Imagine 10 different people with a desire to lose weight. One individual may have a clinical or sub-clinical thyroid condition as the primary cause behind their weight issue. Another may have a carbohydrate addiction. Another may be taking a medication that has a side effect of fluid retention and weight gain. Another may be going through menopause and is suffering hormone imbalances relating to this causing weight gain. Another may have an underlying depression or anxiety disorder that causes emotional eating. Another may have an immunological disorder which is diverting their metabolism away from their fat burning duties. Another may be taking an anxiety medication that makes them too fatigued to be able to go to the gym. Some of the people may actually have more than one of these types of issues impeding their weight loss success.

The point is that each person with weight issues has a completely unique set of causative factors behind their weight issues. Generic cookie cutter dietary programs can’t and don’t address these individual concerns. Generic low carbohydrate, low fat, calorie restricted diets and a consistent workout regimes can’t be completely effective if the individual is suffering with any of the psychological or metabolic issues described above. People with these issues are the ones who can eat properly, exercise regularly and not lose a pound.

Many conventional health care providers feel the only formula for weight loss involves calorie restriction and adequate exercise. I agree with them in one respect that no “diet” will ever work without monitoring calories and maintaining adequate calorie expenditure. However I disagree with them in that there ARE other factors affecting peoples weight loss success aside from just calories and exercise. There ARE patients who eat properly and exercise adequately who still can’t lose weight. These metabolic factors are often to blame, and not the patient for being non-compliant and lazy!

If you identify and address these underlying metabolic issues prior to beginning your diet and exercise regime, you will experience much quicker and longer lasting results with your new lifestyle program. The quicker you see success, the more likely you will be to continue with the lifestyle change and maintain any weight loss that may occur.

Naturopathic Physicians specialize in identifying and correcting these metabolic, hormonal, immunological and psychological obstacles to their patients health care goals. This not only supports their weight loss program, but comes with added “benefits” such as improved energy, mood, focus and concentration, sleep quality and immune system function. Visit with a Naturopathic Physician today, and create an individualized approach to your health care goals.


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Dr. Scott Woodworth
Naturopathic Doctor

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